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M88 Sports Complete Sports Betting

M88 offers a variety of sports betting options with an Asian interface. M88 Sports is one of the betting events that you can enjoy on this online betting website. Why play this segment? M88 Asia has a wide range of sports matches on which you can bet.

What Sports are Popular at M88 Sports?

You can bet on a variety of sports at M88 Sports.


The sports betting site M88 offers a variety of football events, but we only recommend a select few that are worth placing bets on. Some of these soccer matches are recommended because, in our opinion linkmslot88 has international credibility m88 mansion.

The following are our recommended soccer events:

  • English Premier League
  • Champions League
  • Spanish League (La Liga)
  • German League or Bundesliga
  • Japan J-League
  • Chinese Super League
  • Indonesian League 1
  • European Cup Tournament
  • World Cup Tournament
  • Asian Cup Tournament
  • Latin American Cup Tournament


Basketball is the second most popular sport in which to bet on sports after football. Don’t forget to also check out our list of prestigious events. We recommend the following basketball events:

  • NBA League
  • NBA Playoffs
  • Indonesian Basketball League
  • Australian NBL
  • Korean KBL
  • FIBA


Tennis is the most popular sport amongst football bettors. Tennis is the most popular sport because of its high level of credibility. Football betting players don’t worry about tennis match cheating.


Volleyball is a popular sport for bettors in addition to football, basketball, and tennis. This is because volleyball has a high level of credibility, with many matches that are played at an international standard.


eSports, or electronic-sports as they are also known, is the newest sports recognized by the sporting world. Online gambling players are very interested in this sport because of the numerous world-class or regional matches that offer big prizes.

Prizes at sports events that are relatively new will amaze anyone. For example, the DotA tournament offers prizes up to tens or even hundreds of millions of dollars.

What types of betting are offered by M88 Sports?

M88 Sports offers a wide range of betting options, including Asian handicap, over-unders, correct scores, corners and bookings. As a partner, linkmslot88 will describe some of the bet types offered by M88 Sports.

Full Time Handicap

You can bet on sporting matches until the match ends with the FT HDP type of bet. This type of bet also requires that we remind you that if there is an OT (overtime), the bet only counts until the regular match ends. Handicap, or voor as it is known to laymen, is the condition in which the team with the higher seeding gives voor (or a handicap) to the other team.

Full Time Over/Under – FT OU

This type of over/under bet is most commonly found in sports, where you bet the total score in full-time matches, that is until the regular match ends.

First Half Handicap

This FH HDP is a handicap bet for matches that are played at halftime. In a football game, for example, the FH refers to the half-time before halftime. FH in basketball is the half-game, which includes the first and second quarters.

FH OU- First half over/under

FH OU is the same bet as FT OU, but FH OU uses the score total of a match that is half way through.

1×2 (Home – Draw – Away)

The most basic bet is the 1×2 type. Players only have to pick the winning team or the draw between the home and away team. If you bet on a team that has won the championship, your chances of winning are less than the stake.

Mixed Parlays

The mixed parlay is a bet that’s designed for people who can predict match results well. You must choose at least three teams. This mixed parlay bet is based on economic principles. It is the best way to win the most money with the least amount of capital.

How Reliable is M88 Sports Betting?

M88 offers sports betting with sources that are accreditated and of high credibility. All M88 staff in the Philippines have been trained and equipped to provide or find credible sources.

M88 Sports’ staff will watch matches directly in a number of match events.

M88 Sports Betting Operator License

M88 Sports obtained accreditation and a PAGCOR license in 2016 to accept and operate bets.

First Cagayan Leisure and Resort Corporation, a company owned and located in Cagayan by the Philippine Government. This BUMN, owned by the Philippine Government, is the first to offer accreditation and licenses to each casino gambling site operating in the Philippines.

PAGCOR, a business owned by the Philippines’ central government, was created in 2016 in order to supervise and issue licenses for online gambling sites including Philippine casino resorts.

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