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Gambling Legally (at Home, in Public or Online) in Singapore

Gambling in Singapore can take many forms. Toto, 4D, Toto, and the Singapore Big Sweep are the most well-known and popular options. You also have the option to visit the two casinos at the Integrated Resorts.

These are only a few of the many options available for gambling. The laws that regulate gambling in Singapore cover these types of activities. There is also a fine line between legal gambling and illegal gambling.

It can be enjoyable to gamble once in a while. However, frequent gamblers could fall prey to gambling addiction or become liable for violating the law by participating in illegal gambling activities. This article will discuss the following:

  • What constitutes gambling in Singapore
  • What is the legal age to gamble in Singapore? What are your options for gambling
  • Is there a minimum age to legally gamble in Singapore
  • Is it illegal to gamble in Singapore
  • Tips for gambling legally in Singapore

What does it mean to “Gamble?” in Singapore?

Gambling in Singapore is broadly defined as three types of activities.

  1. Betting;
  2. Gaming activity
  3. Participating in a lottery.

Below is a table that outlines the differences among the three areas, common examples of gambling activities, and the categories they fall under.

Is buying loot boxes gambling in Singapore?

A concern to be aware of, raised by the popularity of online games, is whether you or your children are “gambling” with virtual loot or mystery boxes.

Players must use real money to buy in-game credits. These credits can then be used to exchange for loot or mystery boxes. Players can redeem their loot and mystery boxes to receive randomized virtual items (hence the “loot”) or “loot.”

Although buying loot boxes may sound like it might fall under the “gaming activity” or “participating in a lottery” definitions, this activity is not considered gambling because players are generally only eligible to win virtual rewards with no real-world value because they do not stand to gain any real-world benefits.

Some games allow players to trade their virtual loot boxes for real-world rewards. For example, players can transfer virtual items from the game to get money or money’s value. This would make it gambling to buy such loot boxes.

Is Gambling Legal in Singapore?

Singapore’s general policy prohibits gambling unless it is licensed or exempted. This applies whether the gambling is done online or in person. This is the overall government’s position that gambling is not encouraged. However, certain types of gambling can be allowed, provided they are conducted in a safe and controlled environment.

Participating in exempted gaming activities

Physical and social gambling is the only exception to the ban on gambling. Social gambling done in person is exempt from the general prohibition of gambling. Biological or social gambling is defined as “physical” or “social.”

If the following conditions are met, gambling is considered “physical” or “social.”

  1. Physical:
    • Gambling activity must be done in person at an individual’s home. This does not apply to physical venues like hotels, clubs, community centers, cafés, or chalets.
  1. Social:
    • Participants must be part of the same family or have a personal relationship with each other. Friends.
    • Gambling must not be commercial. It must not be done in the course or business of any other activity and should not be used for private gain by a participant. If a participant is hosting the training, the host should refrain from collecting commissions or fees from them.
    • Participants should not be allowed to receive benefits other than winning the game, such as payment.

Social gambling is usually defined as casual gambling common among many Singaporeans. These activities include inviting friends to mahjong at your home during Chinese New Year celebrations.

It is against the law to gamble in public places in Singapore. Even if the funeral is held in a vacant deck, it would be technically illegal for members of the same family to gamble there.

Online social gambling is also illegal because gambling activities must be done in an individual’s own home. It is difficult to determine if other conditions are met for legal, social gambling due to the nature and complexity of online gambling. If the participants are friends or there is an arrangement for the hosts to receive a commission (more below).

Participating in licensed gambling activities

As we have already mentioned, gambling is legal if it’s licensed. This means it’s conducted by authorized persons/entities and at approved gambling venues.

Below is a table that lists some examples of possible gambling activities in Singapore. It also indicates whether or not they are legal.

*Bookmakers facilitate gambling activities. They may set the odds, accept wagers, place them, and then pay the winnings to their customers.

Participating in online gambling

Online gambling is illegal in Singapore, just like its physical counterpart. There are differences in the approaches to online and physical gambling.

The ease with which illegal gambling can be conducted online means that the Singapore government is keen to regulate the online gambling industry. These regulations include blocking.

  • Illegal online gambling sites
  • Advertisements on these sites;
  • Payment services that are linked to illicit online gaming

Police also have the enforcement power to stop illegal online gambling in Singapore.

The licensing regime and exemptions apply differently to online gambling in line with the tougher approach. Online gambling is exempt from the exemption for social gambling. The same applies to online gambling. If you invite friends to mahjong at your home during Chinese New Year, but you play mahjong on a mobile device, it is technically illegal gambling.

Singapore Pools is licensed to provide legal online gambling services under the licensing system. While placing online bets with Singapore Pools is legal, placing bets on any third-party gambling sites would be illegal.

Does Singapore have a minimum age requirement to gamble legally?

Singapore’s minimum age for gambling is 21. The minimum age to gamble in Singapore is 21 years, except for Singapore Pools’ gambling outlets and products. Participation in social gambling is not restricted to those over 18.

The table below summarizes some of the offenses related to underage gambling. For Singapore Pools products and outlets, individuals under 18 are considered “under-aged,” and individuals below 21 are considered “under-aged” for all other gambling activities.

Is it Illegal to Gamble In Singapore?

These were the main illegal gambling forms that we covered in our previous article:

  • Public gambling;
  • Online gambling, which includes online social gambling (other than with Singapore Pools);
  • Place bets on unlicensed gambling services providers

An “unlawful gambling location” is where illegal gambling activities are conducted from a specific business or premises. You should be aware that many offenses are associated with unlawful gambling places.

Tips for Gambling Legally in Singapore

These tips will help you to stay within the legal guidelines when gambling.

  1. If you are engaging in social gambling with family and friends, be sure to do so in person and at the home of one of the participants. It is important to make sure that gambling is social and not commercial. A good rule of thumb is only to take away winnings from gambling.
  2. You should only gamble with licensed service providers when participating in other forms. You can bet with “official” sources such as the Singapore Pools or the casinos.
  3. Suppose your establishment allows patrons to gamble, such as at a casino or pub. In that case, you own an establishment that will enable patrons to take risks (e.g., This is so that you don’t inadvertently become involved in illegal gambling places.

You should avoid unwittingly committing many gambling-related offenses, apart from the fine line between legal gambling and illegal gambling onlinecasinossg.com. You may want to consult a criminal defense lawyer if you are charged with gambling-related crimes in Singapore. They can help you navigate the criminal justice system and advise you about any legal defenses you might have.

If you plead guilty, your lawyer will advise you about any possible mitigating factors and present arguments for a sentence appropriate to your case.

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